M I N T A K M A A P !

B E L A C A N B A C E N_

my best listener sygg ,
sewel ade sumthin na ckp nihh . sewel na mintak maap cuz sewel over outspoken . sewel mintak maap sangad2 cuz sewel emotional . bukan hape , its just sewel style to care bout u~u know sewel love all my dearest friend . if sumbody rase unsatisfied just cum to me hart-2-hart . Insyaallah sewel ubah kodd . but , sewel ckp g2 actly sewel got point , sewel just ta nak org berangapan burok dgn kamoo di mase hdapan . well imagin~~ble kamoo already working , then kamoo coment2 sumthin bad bout dat person , rite after that u do wut just u sayin , datz annoy .

so da conclusion s , sewel puye outspoken it does mean anythin . sewel ta bemaksud pon na break ur hart . cume sewel ta suke ble org yg sewel sygg1000 done sumthin datz people don't adore bout .

p/s : sewel is love our friendship !